Bright Future Prek

Bright Future Prek

In Bright Futures, we are running Preschool Program, Daycare & Before and after school program. We try to provide our best service to the children and we share responsibility with the parents in making their children a better person each day, and provide them with the skills to grow into mature and moral individuals. Here at Bright Futures we believe that all children have a right to develop fully as individuals and be treated equally. We aim to incorporate experiences that recognize each of us as unique and special by helping our children appreciate and welcome our differences and similarities. We feel that the most important gifts that we can give the children is a positive sense of self and a positive sense of the world around them in a surrounding in which they can succeed. 

It is the philosophy of Bright Futures that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Children should be encouraged to learn and grow by providing a foundation of developmentally appropriate experiences where all children can succeed in a safe and nurturing environment. We believe that each child is a unique individual and all children can learn. Our play-based but structured, child centered program reflects the integration of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, self-help and aesthetic areas for the total development of the child. Meaningful play encourages curiosity, discovery and problem solving which allows individual growth and development of a positive self-image. Preschool children love to learn by ‘doing.’ They are active learners who gain knowledge by acting directly on and with concrete objects. We also believe that what truly makes a difference in a child’s life, beneath all the methods, materials and the curriculum, is a teacher who cares about each child and who teaches them. We have highly qualified and caring staff. Positive guidance strategies are utilized by all staff to encourage respect, care and social responsibility for each other.


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